HC - Resistance Bands - Honey Comb Leggings

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HC - Resistance Bands

The HC Resistance Bands offer the best at-home workout experience!


Workout in the comfort of your home
A variety of resistances to meet all your needs
Bands can be combined to have even more resistance
Made for any experience level


Each color representing a different weight, that way there is no confusion.


Green 600mm x 50mm × 0.35mm resistance value: 5-10 pounds;

Blue 600mm x 50mm × 0.5mm resistance value: 10-15 pounds:

Yellow 600mm x 50mm x 0.7mm resistance value: 15-20 pounds:

Red 600mm x 50mm × 0.9mm resistance value: 25-30 pounds.

Black 600mm x 50mm × 1.1mm resistance value; 35-40 pounds