Brazziti Sports Bra - Honey Comb Leggings

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Brazziti Sports Bra


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Give your breasts the support they deserve

Brazziti -

  • Provides maximum lifting to enhance your figure
  • No irritating wires or straps make them super comfortable to wear
  • A hidden set of removable contoured pads boosts your cleavage
  • Fast-drying to keep you dry and cool all day long
  • Super stretchy bands and cloud-soft cups make it longer lasting

    It's a known fact that choosing the right bra has always been a problem for women.
    Be it the discomfort, the straps that are too loose or too tight, bad underwiring, terrible padding, and more. 
    This is why we designed the "Brazziti" Sports Bra with comfort in mind-
    Made out of a breathable & soft material that ensures the ultimate wearing experience!

    Perfect for all your low and higher-impact activities, this push-up bra will get you out of your t-shirt and into your exercise routine or, simply help you wind down on the sofa comfortably.

    Feel at your best during activity

    Our new Push Up Comfort Top Bra is the ultimate workout bra that will hold everything in place firmly so that you can focus on your movement.
    Whether it is at the gym or during yoga. No more stopping to adjust your bra! You will be able to perform at your best without any worries!

    All-day comfort

    Our high-quality fabric dries faster than traditional fabrics. This means you can stay cool and dry all day with our Push Up Comfort Bra.

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    Package Includes:
    - 3x Push Up Comfort Bra 
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